Updates for Our Families

Week 2!

Dear Parents:

Welcome to Week Two!

Although many of the pressing issues we faced last week have been resolved, there are still some concerns we’d like to address.

Devices & Materials 
As we are still waiting for the delivery of devices and wish to avoid asking parents to make two separate trips to pick-up materials, we will post an updated schedule on the school website on Friday, October 9.

Realize & iReady
We know that many of you have either not yet received login information for Realize or have received that information and tried to login without success. Our team is working on this issue and we hope to have it resolved by mid-week.

Teacher Absences
As with any school, there are times when – for a variety of reasons – teachers will be unable to work. On those occasions, learning will be completely asynchronous, with assignments posted by the regular classroom teacher and attendance taken via forms that will be posted on the class website.

Although more 6th grade teachers have started this week, we are still in the process of bringing a Science teacher on board for that grade level. In the meantime, all learning will be asynchronous and involve articles, videos, etc. We realize that this does not take the place of actual, discipline-specific teaching, and we want you to know that we’re doing everything we can to have a teacher in place as soon as possible.

Technology Use
We realize we’ve mentioned this in earlier updates, but we’re still experiencing some troubling behaviors and wish to again emphasize the need for adhering to the policy on technology.

If you haven’t already done so, please review that policy with your children in terms of what it means for them at their various age levels.

When you have a question or concern, please make the school website your primary source of information and these daily updates your secondary source.  For example, the fastest most efficient way to resolve technology problems is to use the ticketing process available at: If you can’t find answers to your questions in either place, please email

Given the current COVID situation and the number of people working remotely, please don’t make in-person visits to the Diocesan office at 310 Prospect Park West.

All staff connected with St. Thomas Aquinas are working remotely.

One final point — some of you have begun to ask about Columbus Day. There will be no school on Monday.

Have a wonderful evening!


Manuela Adsuar-Pizzi, Principal       
Maria Lamattina, Assistant Principal