Updates for Our Families

Superintendent’s update

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

I have been trying to keep up with all emails and phone calls, which have come my way, since the September 16, 2020 communication was sent out.  I will continue to respond to anyone who reaches out.

As of this writing, I want to let you know of things, which are being worked on:

  • Final hiring of the faculty
  • Shipment of instructional materials to the depot sites
  • Deployment of the devices
  • Sending of instructional packets to students enrolled in the STADLP
  • Working on a schedule to make up the lost instructional time
Updates for Our Families

Register for Parent Orientation sessions September 21-23, 2020

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are moving ahead with the scheduling of parent orientation sessions for early next week: September 21, 2020 through September 23, 2020.
Pre-registration is required, and we ask that parents and guardians register once per family when possible. (It is not necessary to attended multiple meetings if you have children in multiple grades.)

Please click the link below to register.

 Date and Grade:
Registration links for
Parent Orientations:
Monday Sept 21, 10:00am Kindergarten
Monday Sept 21, 11:30am First Grade
Monday Sept 21, 3:30pm Second Grade
Tuesday Sept 22, 10:00am Third Grade
Tuesday Sept 22, 11:30am Fourth Grade
Tuesday Sept 22, 1:00pm Fifth Grade
Tuesday Sept 22, 2:30pm Sixth Grade
Wednesday Sept 23, 12:00pm Seventh Grade
Wednesday Sept 23, 1:30pm Eighth Grade

The agenda for these orientation sessions is as flows:

Updates for Our Families

From the Superintendent: Family Communications, Rediker and Device Access

Download this letter as a PDF.

Dear St. Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Program Parents and Guardians,

I apologize for the delay in providing you with constant communication. There are no excuses for keeping you in the dark and for this lack of communication, I take responsibility. Please know that as of this communication to you, I will now take a “hands on” approach to this very important program. St. Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Program is essential to meeting the educational needs of your child(ren). I am truly committed to seeing the success of this program and will do everything possible to ensure this success.

I am writing to provide an update of the Saint Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Program. The opening of an instructional program of the magnitude of STADLP has unfortunately come with a few bumps. I want to acknowledge and thank you for your tireless efforts to actively support this distance learning program. You have registered your child(ren), and we promise to provide our students with an academically rigorous, Christcentered instructional program.

Moving forward, it is essential to keep our families in the loop. Below please find information about the status of the Saint Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Program.

Updates for Our Families

Orientation information Wednesday, Sept 16

Welcome Families!

Today is Day One of the self-paced orientation. Attached you will find the self-paced guide that you can follow along today in order to make sure you are set up in the systems and clarify key terms and contact information. Please direct all inquiries to the correct “Help Desk” email on page 12,  and we will be connecting with you for support. Please make sure for any inquiries, you include your child’s name, home school, grade, and your name & email. 

Updates for Our Families

Start of School Information

Download Supply Lists
Orientation Week – Self Paced Playlists – September 16-17
Parent-teacher appointments by groups – September 18
Information on additional sessions for the week of Sept 21-25 will be shared on this page shortly.

The first day of school has been changed to
September 28th

Email questions:
If you have not received an email regarding your access to the “Rediker” Parent Portal Plus (the student info system used by St Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Program), please email with the subject line ‘EMAIL ADDRESS VERIFICATION”.
In the body of the email, please be sure to clearly state your child’s name, home academy, parent name and the correct email to be updated.

Updates for Our Families

Watch Our Webinar

Our leadership team held a series of Zoom webinars to present programmatic information and take questions. You can watch the first one below and the others on Facebook.