Updates for Our Families

HS TACHS info, teacher emails, and more…

Good Evening Families,

Happy Tuesday! Please keep your eyes on your inbox this afternoon and evening for your child’s Wednesday small group schedules. This evening’s updates are below.

High School Admissions
All eighth grade families should be sure to connect with their home academy guidance counselors regarding high school admissions. Please also note, an important reminder that this Friday TACHS registration closes. You can register for the test here:

Teacher Contacts
Linked here
you will find a current sheet with all teacher emails. You may note we are continuing to hire in some areas in a continued effort to reduce class sizes. We will continue to update this list and information as we welcome new members to our team!

Grades and Progress
You should now have full access to your child’s grades and progress in the Rediker Plus Portal Account.

Materials and Devices

We are in the process of confirming the final two distribution sites and will share with you the dates and times when they become available to us. In the scheduling of these times, we are working in direct partnership with representatives of those sites to ensure proper guidelines in safety are met, so as soon as this information is made available to us, we will make it available to you.

Have a blessed evening!

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