Updates for Our Families

Daily message:

Dear Parents:

As you all know, class size in a virtual environment is larger than a physical classroom. To ensure that our teachers maximize their instructional time and use their out-of-meeting class time productively (reviewing student work, planning and preparing for instruction), we ask you to please avoid sending them emails during the school day and to please avoid sending repeat emails as this floods the inbox making it very difficult to efficiently reply

If you have an academic concern specific to your student, feel free to reach out to your teachers by email, expecting that they cannot respond during class time, nor in late evening hours. 

Your first stop for any other concerns such as materials and devices, technology, Google Classroom links or codes, etc. should be the STA Website:

We refresh the feed daily and post in the minute updates. This is where you can also find the technology ticket for any issues you are having with accessing your learning features.

For those of you who have sent emails to the “info@” email address and feel you haven’t received a reply, we hope you’ll notice that these updates reflect your emails. If there’s a pattern of concern, we believe it’s best to address that in a message to all parents, and wish to thank those parents who bring those concerns to our attention.

SAVVAS Realize 
This week, Teachers are in the final stages of establishing student accounts. We are confirming all students are rostered in Google Classroom before we connect them to Realize. 

Please be sure to check your child’s email account from STA to follow any important invitations to join a class that may have been sent today or earlier in the week.

Google Meets
A  glitch seems to have occurred in Google Meets today; we apologize for anyone who suddenly could not join a class! We want to give a special thanks to Mike Greiner, our Tech Coordinator, who managed hundreds of tickets in the field today. 

Please note, if you are having any trouble with your accounts or logging on, you should submit a support ticket here:

Specials and Religion
We had the opportunity to meet with our teachers today and discuss the rollout of our specials and religion program which starts next week and continues into the following week. Stay tuned for updates!

Cohort Movement
We have had some transitions this week with students moving cohorts and sections. Please note, you can see your child’s cohort assignment in your Parent Portal Plus account under “Demographics.”  In the best interest of our teachers and students, as of Monday, October 5, 2020, students will no longer have the option of shifting cohorts or sections.

Special Note
Our website is actively updated every day, so any up-to-the-minute information you may have about systems, programming, or the arrival and distribution of devices can be found here:


Ms. Pizzi, Principal
Dr. Lamattina, Assistant Principal