Catholic Identity and Mission

Catholic Identity and Mission

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Online Academy engages parents and students in a vibrant learning community that shares and enriches our Catholic faith tradition.

Our Catholic Identity is essential to who we are as a school. “Be it known to all that Jesus Christ is the reason for this school, the unseen but ever-present teacher in all its classes, the model for its faculty, and the inspiration for its students.”

The STA Way

The core mission of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Online Academy, The STA Way, is our dedication to the Cross of Christ.

  • In the name of the Father: STACOA will form students in the faith. In this regard, every STACOA teacher is a religion teacher.
  • And of the Son: STACOA will communicate with all stakeholders. Education requires the exchange of effective, timely, and actionable information.
  • And of the Holy Spirit: STACOA will use the light of Christ to illuminate our redeemed creation through school subjects, much the way St. Thomas Aquinas, our patron saint, did in his time.
  • Amen: STACOA will evaluate so that benchmarks of real learning may be documented so that learners and their parents know concretely what students know and can do.

STACOA is your partner in raising your children in the faith. This is a Christ-centric online school. Parent involvement and support of the STACOA mission are of the utmost importance. There will be abundant opportunities for parents to become involved in supporting our students and our teachers through various volunteer activities.