Updates for Our Families

Week 2!

Dear Parents:

Welcome to Week Two!

Although many of the pressing issues we faced last week have been resolved, there are still some concerns we’d like to address.

Devices & Materials 
As we are still waiting for the delivery of devices and wish to avoid asking parents to make two separate trips to pick-up materials, we will post an updated schedule on the school website on Friday, October 9.

Realize & iReady
We know that many of you have either not yet received login information for Realize or have received that information and tried to login without success. Our team is working on this issue and we hope to have it resolved by mid-week.

Teacher Absences
As with any school, there are times when – for a variety of reasons – teachers will be unable to work. On those occasions, learning will be completely asynchronous, with assignments posted by the regular classroom teacher and attendance taken via forms that will be posted on the class website.

Updates for Our Families

Daily Update Message:

Dear Parents:

What an exciting voyage this past week has been! Thank you all for your patience and understanding. 

As we look forward, we want to update you on a couple of topics:

Devices and Materials
Although we will be posting an updated schedule for pick-up of books, we have been notified that our shipment of devices has again been delayed. In the meantime, we are exploring ways to provide some temporary devices for families without them. Please check the website for updated information.

Our Middle School Religion teacher will begin working with students this month. He will be informing each 5th through 8thgrade class of their schedule, so be on the lookout! We are also making arrangements for virtual mass, prayer services, and dedications to the Rosary for the month of October. Please note, while we continue to set up the virtual religion curriculum materials, students continue to receive daily religious instruction and prayer with their homeroom teachers in K-4.

Updates for Our Families

Daily message:

Dear Parents:

As you all know, class size in a virtual environment is larger than a physical classroom. To ensure that our teachers maximize their instructional time and use their out-of-meeting class time productively (reviewing student work, planning and preparing for instruction), we ask you to please avoid sending them emails during the school day and to please avoid sending repeat emails as this floods the inbox making it very difficult to efficiently reply

If you have an academic concern specific to your student, feel free to reach out to your teachers by email, expecting that they cannot respond during class time, nor in late evening hours. 

Your first stop for any other concerns such as materials and devices, technology, Google Classroom links or codes, etc. should be the STA Website:

Updates for Our Families

STADLP daily update

Dear Parents,

Today, we received a number of inquiries about when and where you might pick-up your children’s books and devices. A schedule for next week should be posted on the school website by Friday evening.   

Many families have also expressed concerns about Religion classes and when they might begin. We are in the process of finalizing the implementation of a religious education program specifically designed for virtual learning and anticipate such instruction commencing very soon. Students continue to pray together in class daily. 

Additionally, some families have wondered about Attendance – especially those whose children were unable to log in to classes at the beginning of the week. We want to assure you that NO children will be penalized for not attending classes these first few days of school. We want to also mention that we are exploring various methods for verifying attendance going forward.

A reminder…if you’re still experiencing problems with email, log ins, passwords, etc., please visit the school website and follow the ticketing process you’ll find there. We have also supplied a link for you here:

In fact, you will find that the school website may be the fastest, most efficient way for you to receive answers to many questions you may have.

Have a wonderful evening!


Ms. Pizzi, Principal
Dr. Lamattina, Assistant Principal

Updates for Our Families

Update from Principal Pizzi

Dear Parents,

From what we’ve heard and observed on Tuesday, it seems students experienced less problems than they did yesterday when trying to join Google Classroom meetings.

We also realize that many families are still facing login challenges and feeling that their concerns are not being addressed as readily as desired. To rectify that situation, we’ve worked with our Technology Department to develop a ticketing process. For the most part, parents who used that system already have had their issues resolved.

For any technology-related questions or problems , please visit the school’s website ( and click on “For Parents – Technology Support.” You will find the ticketing process explained there. You can find direct access here. Understandably frustrated by login problems, many parents are sending multiple emails to the address and even copying several others on their emails. Although the intent may be to derive a faster response, the result may be quite the opposite.

Updates for Our Families

Distribution of Instructional Materials and Tech Devices

The distribution of the instructional materials and tech devices is the next step in the full implementation of the Saint Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning Program.

At the present time, we are still waiting for delivery of the tech devices. 

As a result, the schedule below, only pertains to the picking-up of the instructional materials, for students in Kindergarten through Grade 3. 

Updates for Our Families

First Day Review

Dear Parents:

Thank you all for your patience and effort in this, our first day of school! We recognize that there were a number of “glitches” in today’s sessions, and we’d like to address some of the concerns we heard from you:

Not Receiving Emails/Login Information

Some of you may have changed your email or indicated a preference that might not align with the information in our system. If you have already activated your Rediker account, you can update your contact information. 

If you haven’t received any emails with account information, please remember to send an EMAIL VERIFICATION with your preferred email address to: 

Having Difficulty Logging In

Please visit the Technology Support page for relevant contact information.

Having Questions Re Device/Book Pick-up

Updates for Our Families

Cohorts and Schedule Info

Please see links below for details on Cohort sections and schedules:

For help with technical support or accessing Google Classrooms, please enter a support ticket:

Updates for Our Families

Superintendent’s update

Download this letter in PDF

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I have been trying to keep up with all emails and phone calls, which have come my way, since the September 16, 2020 communication was sent out.  I will continue to respond to anyone who reaches out.

As of this writing, I want to let you know of things, which are being worked on:

  • Final hiring of the faculty
  • Shipment of instructional materials to the depot sites
  • Deployment of the devices
  • Sending of instructional packets to students enrolled in the STADLP
  • Working on a schedule to make up the lost instructional time
Updates for Our Families

Register for Parent Orientation sessions September 21-23, 2020

Download this letter as a PDF

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are moving ahead with the scheduling of parent orientation sessions for early next week: September 21, 2020 through September 23, 2020.
Pre-registration is required, and we ask that parents and guardians register once per family when possible. (It is not necessary to attended multiple meetings if you have children in multiple grades.)

Please click the link below to register.

 Date and Grade:
Registration links for
Parent Orientations:
Monday Sept 21, 10:00am Kindergarten
Monday Sept 21, 11:30am First Grade
Monday Sept 21, 3:30pm Second Grade
Tuesday Sept 22, 10:00am Third Grade
Tuesday Sept 22, 11:30am Fourth Grade
Tuesday Sept 22, 1:00pm Fifth Grade
Tuesday Sept 22, 2:30pm Sixth Grade
Wednesday Sept 23, 12:00pm Seventh Grade
Wednesday Sept 23, 1:30pm Eighth Grade

The agenda for these orientation sessions is as flows: