St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Online Academy is aligned to the New York State standards.

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Online Academy teachers will provide an excellent education that infuses Catholic values and doctrine with the content needed to fulfill the requirements of New York State. We are in the accreditation process through Cognia, a non-profit organization that accredits primary and secondary schools- both in person and online- throughout the world.

The St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Online Academy curriculum is designed and delivered purposely for an online learning environment. Research has shown that online learning includes not only live instruction, but also time allowed for independent learning, completing assignments, and engaging in group projects.

The average class size will be 25-35 students, and students will interact with their peers during class through group work. We believe strongly in building social and academic connectedness among students. Throughout the year there will be numerous opportunities to participate in school-sponsored activities.

Attendance policies will conform to New York State regulations. Attendance is taken when students are in session. It is expected that students attend live sessions. STACOA emphasizes “connective instruction.” Students learn when they feel safe, motivated, and empowered. Interactions will occur every day and will be balanced with work time in between live sessions.

Evaluation – A variety of assessment methods will be integrated into every grade level and subject, including quizzes and tests, projects, portfolios, group projects, presentations, and standardized tests.
Parent/guardian accounts allow 24/7 access to monitor your child’s academic progress, featuring a direct communication link to your child’s teachers and administrators.

Differentiated Learning – We will help students achieve at their highest level at a pace that makes sense for them. As an advantage to being an online school, we can provide added support for our students and at the same time challenge our students to achieve their personal best.

If a child has an IEP or IESP and is accepted into STACOA, our teachers will provide the mandated accommodations. IEPs will be evaluated on an individual basis.

If a student is currently working with a service provider, STACOA will work with that provider to maintain academic support.