Updates for Our Families

Update from Principal Pizzi

Dear Parents,

From what we’ve heard and observed on Tuesday, it seems students experienced less problems than they did yesterday when trying to join Google Classroom meetings.

We also realize that many families are still facing login challenges and feeling that their concerns are not being addressed as readily as desired. To rectify that situation, we’ve worked with our Technology Department to develop a ticketing process. For the most part, parents who used that system already have had their issues resolved.

For any technology-related questions or problems , please visit the school’s website ( and click on “For Parents – Technology Support.” You will find the ticketing process explained there. You can find direct access here. Understandably frustrated by login problems, many parents are sending multiple emails to the address and even copying several others on their emails. Although the intent may be to derive a faster response, the result may be quite the opposite.

By the time the email circulates among several parties (instead of going to the one department that will handle it), the process has actually slowed down. So please, do not use for technical issues. In fact, before directing any email inquiries to anyone, please review the information posted on the school website – you’ll find it’s growing every day and may save you a great deal of time.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, we have a half day schedule . We’ve attached a chart providing that schedule, but want to emphasize that Wednesdays are not regular classroom meeting days. Rather, students will begin their day in Advisory with prayer and complete their Attendance Forms. Wednesdays are designed to provide time for students receiving intervention services
and for other students – individually or in small groups – to receive more personalized time with their teachers.

In addition, classes will have assignments for students to complete, so be on the lookout – Wednesdays are not a day off!

We look forward to working with you and your children.

Manuela Adsuar-Pizzi, M.Ed.
Principal St. Thomas Aquinas Distance Learning