Sarah Pedro

Hello! My name is Sarah Pedro and I am very grateful to be part of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Online Academy.

As an educator, I am motivated to share a lifelong love of learning with my students. I love to learn! A favorite phrase of mine is “never stop learning!” I hold a Bachelor of Science in Child Studies, which I received from Post University, fully online. I found that my love of learning and research thrived in the online educational environment. I realized that my next career goal would be teaching in the online environment to offer rich, engaging education to students. I earned my Master of Education in Online Teaching from Post University and I continue to refine my teaching methodologies through continued research and professional development.

This will be my second year teaching virtually and I am very excited to continue to give glory to God in the online classroom.

I live in the beautiful Catskill mountains of New York, where I am inspired by the splendor of God’s incredible creation through my natural surroundings. I have three wonderful children, ages 8, 6, and 3. I strive to use my experiences as both a parent and educator to establish supportive, open lines of communication. I understand the importance of creating and maintaining strong relationships with families, thus cultivating a positive classroom community.

I enjoy learning about history and visiting historical sites. I like to stay active through taking long walks, practicing yoga, swimming, and ballet. I am the “family chef” and an avid baker. I consider cooking and baking to be excellent opportunities for applying math and science skills. I love to create and try new recipes often, but my favorite is a classic: chocolate chip cookies! I have a little dog named Luna and I’m surrounded by plenty of wildlife at home, including some bears who frequent my blueberry patch.

A fun fact about me is that I am a big fan of theatre, especially musical theatre. I even visited Shakespeare’s family homes and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in England. I love to travel with my family. We love to explore and learn through fun adventures. In my online classroom, every day is another opportunity for an exciting educational adventure, while continuously sharing God’s love.