Updates for Our Families

Daily Update Message:

Dear Parents:

What an exciting voyage this past week has been! Thank you all for your patience and understanding. 

As we look forward, we want to update you on a couple of topics:

Devices and Materials
Although we will be posting an updated schedule for pick-up of books, we have been notified that our shipment of devices has again been delayed. In the meantime, we are exploring ways to provide some temporary devices for families without them. Please check the website for updated information.

Our Middle School Religion teacher will begin working with students this month. He will be informing each 5th through 8thgrade class of their schedule, so be on the lookout! We are also making arrangements for virtual mass, prayer services, and dedications to the Rosary for the month of October. Please note, while we continue to set up the virtual religion curriculum materials, students continue to receive daily religious instruction and prayer with their homeroom teachers in K-4.

Behavior Expectations
While most students are staying engaged and involved in their meetings and subsequent assignments, some have been involved in disruptive behaviors. What’s not acceptable behavior in your home academy classrooms is also not acceptable online. We can’t emphasize this enough – students should only be in Google Meetings when a teacher is present and only during their assigned time slots. Additionally, parents should not be engaging with the teacher during a live lesson, just as you would not do so during a lesson in a brick and mortar classroom. Instead, wait to connect after school, or set up a mutually agreed upon time to converse.

Also, the chat feature is intended as a tool for students to communicate with the teacher during meetings – not as a vehicle for off-topic conversations. Please be sure that your child is adhering to the expectations around technology use. We also want to emphasize the same for parents – please help to protect the integrity and safety of the learning space and instead email your teacher to set up a time to talk outside of class. Thank you for your partnership in this!

Thank you for all of your grace and support this week and we look forward to a great second week!


Ms. Pizzi, Principal
Dr. Lamattina, Assistant Principal